10 Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

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1.  Paperclip Button Bookmarks I’m picky about bookmarks because I’ve spent a pretty penny on my book collection and my children’s book collections.  But these are adorable for using in journals and library books and they’re well thought out.  Compliments … Continued

Homeschooled Student vs. Oregon Bullyversity round 2

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If you haven’t read my first post on Oregon State Bullyversity’s movement against homeschooled students being admitted, then read it here.  This is a continuation of that story. Jennifer and her parents met with a representative of the Dean of … Continued

Oregon State University = Bullyversity

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Before I begin let me say that this is a true story.  I have met and spoken with the family that this is happening to.  It’s an ongoing problem they are facing with a university that lies to its students … Continued