State Guidelines for Homeschooling have been updated. Submit your annual intent to homeschool forms now.

2014-2015 School Year

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Every August I go through the links to Homeschool information provided by each state’s Department of Education.  The head of the Department of Education in each state is usually the Superintendent of Schools or Superintendent of Education or Superintendent of Public Instruction.  And depending on how the last election went, the Superintendent can change rather frequently, one moment an advocate for homeschooling and the next an opponent of homeschooling.

This year, five homeschooling links disappeared for the states of Hawaii, Kansas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.  Those five links have been updated.  West Virginia has omitted all “guidelines for home education” from their site, so a link to the actual state legislature subsection which provides for homeschooling is provided for that state.

With technology as easily acquired as it is, there’s no reason for parents not to homeschool their children.  There are thousands of resources now that help parents educate their kids at home where they receive a safer and richer education than they would in a public school.  You don’t need a homeschool association in your area; you can find other homeschoolers with similar values and ideals online all across America.

This is just a gentle reminder.  If you are among those homeschoolers who follow state guidelines and are required to submit annual intent to homeschool letters, they’re due.  😉

Have a wonderful school year!


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