Homeschooled Student vs. Oregon Bullyversity round 2

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If you haven’t read my first post on Oregon State Bullyversity’s movement against homeschooled students being admitted, then read it here.  This is a continuation of that story.

Jennifer and her parents met with a representative of the Dean of the Office of Student Life.  They relayed the series of bullying episodes they’d endured and were told by Noni Scherer that the Office of Student Life could not help them.  She gave them the name and number of legal counsel within the university and told them that this person would also help them navigate a lawsuit against Oregon State Bullyversity.  What I found very surprising was that Noni Scherer’s first statement to the family was that she was well aware there was a movement against homeschoolers going on at the university.  What?  If you know about it why don’t you stop it?

noni-scherer-oregon-state-bullyversity - Copy - Copy

Jennifer and her parents are still jumping through hoops but it does appear this will turn into a lawsuit if no other reason than to have the bullying stop.  It’s a real shame when universities bully homeschoolers.  It’s a shame when they bully anyone but to single out one group of kids is really discrimination at its worst.

Avoid Oregon State Bullyversity even if you aren’t homeschooling your children.  Do you really want to pay six years of college for a four year degree and have your child bullied those six years?  Don’t take the chance.  Don’t assume once this lawsuit hits the papers that anything will change.  Unions protect corrupt state employees and most of the people this family have dealt with are state employees.

I read an article not long ago about a candidate for political office on the East Coast who was having problems getting elected because they considered her a “union buster”.  They gave her this label because she’d pursued firing a public school teacher who sexually molested several students.  That teacher kept getting moved around from school to school without ever being fired.  Because of the nature of the crimes, his file was sealed and each new school had no idea they were hiring on a pedophile to work with their children.  This was allowed to happen because the teacher was a member of a union.  Still think unions are a great thing in public universities?  You shouldn’t.  I will look for the article.  It’s worth posting here.

Teachers Union = Collective Bullying

(I thought this picture was pretty accurate.)

teachers-unions-collective-bullying - Copy

Teachers Union seeks severance pay for schoolteacher who confessed to raping a student over a three year period.

School teacher confesses to raping student for three years
School teacher confesses to raping student for three years

The Pedophile Teachers Union

Public elementary school teacher convicted of forcing students to eat his semen while blindfolded protected by teacher’s union and California Senate Bill 1530 which would make it easier to fire pedophiles in the public school system defeated.

I watched the first clip of Anderson Cooper’s show in which he gave the lurid details of the sex crimes committed against these 5 to 7 year olds.  If you look now at the video around the 40 second mark you will see where it was clipped and that footage was removed.  Yet they still left in the warning that he would be discussing graphic details and to send your children from the room.

The Pedophile Teachers Union
The Pedophile Teachers Union

 Congressmen Who Voted Against Anti-Pedophile Law

A list and photos of the California Congressmen (and woman) who voted against the anti-pedophile law are listed here.  One of them received $30,000 from the teachers union to abstain from voting so the bill would fail.  They were one vote short of succeeding.  Not very democratic.

california-teachers-union-kills-anti-pedophile-law - Copy
Congressmen who voted against the Anti-Pedophile Law to protect California public school children

Pedophile School Teacher Keeps Government Benefits

This is the monster who sexually molested over a dozen children aged 5 to 7 and the teachers union is still protecting him.  Now he keeps his government benefits.

pedophile-teacher-keeps-government-benefits - Copy

According to the District Attorney he took photos of the two dozen children he sexually molested.

Pedophile took photos of the two dozen children he sexually molested
Pedophile took photos of the two dozen children he sexually molested


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