Julie Green, OSU Art Dept Bully, aka "Stinky Hippie" and "Stinky Feet"

Julie Green Teaching Plagiarism and Bullying at OSU Bullyversity

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The state of Oregon is perplexing.  With one of the highest paid teachers’ unions in the U.S., they manage to have the worst teachers and the lowest scores on national tests.  College in Oregon is no different.  Other than sports’ fans, Oregon college graduates have among the lowest loyalty to their schools and when asked specifics respond that they are glad to be out of there.  With the widespread bullying of Christian and homeschooled students at Oregon State University, aka Oregon State Bullyversity, it’s becoming more obvious why graduates from this college send their kids elsewhere.

Julie Green, OSU Art Dept Bully, aka "Stinky Hippie" and "Stinky Feet"
Julie Green, OSU Art Dept Bully, aka “Stinky Hippie” and “Stinky Feet”

Julie Green, OSU Art Department, Jewish Bully

One of the most prominent bullies at Oregon State University is in the Art Department where students looking to fulfill General Education requirements often find themselves.  Julie is from Kansas and very Jewish.  Like Regan Kaplan in the Financial Aid Office, Julie singles out students with Italian, Irish, and Hispanic names (because they are predominantly Catholic) as well as homeschoolers (because she assumes they are all Christians) and bullies them.

OSU's Julie Green insists on mirrors in her studio so she can watch herself, Narcissist?
OSU’s Julie Green insists on mirrors in her studio so she can watch herself, Narcissist?

Julie is an abstract artist who can’t work without a mirror in the room which any shrink would call narcissistic.  She throws paint against a wall and calls it art.  Green makes fun of classical artists in her classes, the students with talent, as well as famous classical artists like Leonardo Da Vinci.  In Julie Green’s words, “He would never get anyone to buy that garbage today.  It’s unimaginative, childish, and cliche.”  She even took this disgust of the classics a step further and created an art project that makes fun of Christians, Jesus Christ, and Leonardo Da Vinci’s work all at the same time.  Julie’s project is plagiarized from Leonardo and entitled, “The Last Supper”.  Unlike Leonardo’s beautiful painting, a memorial to his faith, Julie’s is a gimmicky show of plates with pictures stamped on them.  In this project, she glorifies serial killers and murderers on death row by designing a plate of their last supper.  Even the artwork is disquieting, something a fourth grade homeschooler could do in less than an hour.  For this she receives large grants from Jewish foundations who are anti-Christian.  Because she plagiarized another artists’ work as well, no one else will touch her work, allow her to display it, or give her grants.  So why is she teaching young students whose careers are just beginning?  To plagiarize their work as well?  Or to grow a generation of plagiarists like herself?

Leonardo Da Vinci's famous "Last Supper", a memorial to his faith and to Jesus Christ
Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous “Last Supper”, a memorial to his faith and to Jesus Christ

Julie Green, OSU Professor Plagiarizes Another Artist

One would think that Julie Green actually met with inmates and viewed or recorded their last meal, but she didn’t.  In fact, most of the inmates she glorifies are murderers she never met, but read about in news clippings.  One is from Montana in 1917.  Several others were from Texas and dated after 2011, which makes Julie Green a liar.  The State of Texas stopped giving inmates last meals in 2011, so any plates she made from Texas inmates after 2011 are simply a figment of her imagination.  Some plates Julie Green designed were intentionally racist, like the plates she designed for black inmates executed in Mississippi in 1947 which included watermelon and fried chicken.

OSU Bullyversity's Art Department, Julie Green Plagiarizes Other's Work
OSU Bullyversity’s Art Department, Julie Green Plagiarizes Other’s Work

Aside from the obvious distaste this project leaves in the mouths of normal people, Julie Green has been unable to find a home for her plagiarized murder plates, plates my fourth grader could have done better.  She had a small show in an unknown church in the south end of Corvallis, a poorer neighborhood where her plates might have been received well.  The room was noticeably empty.

Julie Green tried again by exhibiting her plates in a food and arts center in Napa, California, which closed shortly after the exhibit.  “Folks standing in line for foie gras at one of the finest restaurants in the U.S. were confronted with final meals,” she said to a New York Times reporter.  “One visitor called me a stinky hippie and told me to go back to Oregon,” she added.  Which is how Ms. Green turned to Jewish foundations who were openly anti-Christian, like the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Arts in Eugene, Oregon.

OSU's Julie Green Plagiarizes the works of Celia Shapiro
OSU’s Julie Green Plagiarizes the works of Celia Shapiro

The question you may be asking yourself is who did she plagiarize?  Celia Shapiro.  Celia Shapiro recreates and photographs the last meals of death row inmates and her work is entitled “Truth Matters: The Meaning of Objects”, an original title, not one copied from a classical Christian work.

Julie Green Teaches Plagiarism at OSU

Apparently since Julie Green became infamous from plagiarizing she saw an opportunity for other not-so-gifted students.  In her classes, she encourages students to copy other artists including those in their classes.  This has even led to her encouraging students to plagiarize other work, like classwork, essays, reports, and papers.  That’s plagiarism and it’s not only unethical, it’s illegal.  As an artist, she should know better.  But having a normal discussion with Julie Green is impossible.

At OSU, Julie Green is famous for her aggression and her filthiness
At OSU, Julie Green is famous for her aggression and her filthiness

Anyone meeting Julie Green for the first time is struck by her aggression.  She shaves her head, wears thin shirts with no bra underneath so her nipples are showing, and walks around barefoot without the benefit of washing her feet.  Indeed her classmates call her “Stinky Feet”.  Men in her classes get picked on as do attractive young women.  It’s the homely ones Julie Green singles out for personal attention, an unhealthy attention many have compared to pedophilia.  Why is this woman teaching university courses?

Fake Art in Place of Real Art

In place of teaching classical and fine art at OSU, Julie Green teaches fake art, what she refers to as “abstract art”.  Her students call it “fake art” and “retarded art”.  Ms. Green brings other artists into her classrooms and then disappears, leaving unknown, untalented artists to teach impressionable students.  One of these artists is Rachel Hines.  Ms. Hines is a performance artist.  One of her most famous pieces of “art” was setting up two tents in the park, one with her upper half and closed off, the other open to the world with nothing but her bottom half exposed.  She invited people to come inside and “camp out under my skirt”.  Although offensive to most, she did find some takers.  But is this the kind of art they’re teaching at OSU?

Rachel Hines, teaching most of Julie Green's classes
Rachel Hines, teaching most of Julie Green’s classes
Rachel Hines Sleep Under My Skirt Art Exhibit
Rachel Hines–when “art” is stripping in public and having strangers play with your bottom half, something is wrong at OSU

Lisa Cole Kronenburg is another artist Julie Green encourages her students to copy.  Kronenburg is famous for paint splotches in different colors.  More waste of OSU student’s tuition money.

Hubby Clay Lohmann is No Prince Either

Julie Green met her husband Clay Lohmann, a textile artist while he was attending college in Kansas.  Raised on a cattle ranch in Texas, Lohmann attended an Indian reservation school where he learned to be cruel and to drink.

Plagiarist Julie Green's Alcoholic Husband Clay Lohmann
Plagiarist Julie Green’s Alcoholic Husband Clay Lohmann

Fortunately for the students at OSU, Julie Green has yet to bring her alcoholic husband Clay Lohmann into the classroom to teach.  Lohmann is a virtually unknown textile artist who, in his artist’s statement to a Brooklyn Jewish Arts Center, compared his quilt below to the famous Basilica di Santa Maria del Flore in Italy, one of the most famous Roman Catholic churches in the world.  Like his wife Julie, Lohmann insults the classic works of art, particularly those that are Christian, and calls himself “brilliant”.  That explains all those mirrors in their house.

Clay Lohmann, alcoholic husband of plagiarist Julie Green, compared this quilt to the Basilica di Santa Maria del Flore in Italy
Clay Lohmann, alcoholic husband of plagiarist Julie Green, compared this quilt to the Basilica di Santa Maria del Flore in Italy


The actual Basilica di Santa Maria del Flore in Italy which looks nothing like Lohmann's homemade quilt
The actual Basilica di Santa Maria del Flore in Italy which looks nothing like Lohmann’s homemade quilt

 “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Attend OSU”

It’s about time for some famous country star to come up with a song warning kids about the perils of attending Oregon State Bullyversity.  So here goes.  To be sung to the tune of “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys”.  Since a criminal, Waylon Jennings, wrote the original, perhaps we need Clay Lohmann to write our version.  But it might turn out like that ugly quilt.

Beavers ain’t easy to teach and they’re harder to grade

They’d rather learn than let me throw paint at the wall

Pictures of belly buttons, empty tents,

and paint splotches each day

If you don’t understand them, too bad you’ll get an F anyway.


Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be beavers

Don’t let’em pick OSU bullyversity or go anywhere near Oregon

Let ’em be artists and engineers and scientists

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be beavers

Cause they’ll never learn and we’ll teach them to cheat

Nothing but plagiarism and bullying all day.

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