Oregon State University = Bullyversity

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Before I begin let me say that this is a true story.  I have met and spoken with the family that this is happening to.  It’s an ongoing problem they are facing with a university that lies to its students and permits an entire college of men to bully female students.  Here’s their story.

Oregon State University is revered as the “smart university” in the state of Oregon.  They advertise themselves this way and refer to the other state university, University of Oregon, as Jock U.  They brag that their money comes from science and engineering endowments whereas most of the University of Oregon’s money comes from Nike and sports funding.  That’s not entirely true.  In fact most of what Oregon State University advertises is total BS.  Here are the facts.

Oregon State University is short of funds.  A few elite programs have funding but the rest of the university, especially the College of Liberal Arts, is hurting.  As part of the means to force students to stay a year or two longer and raise the cost of a degree for every student in the Liberal Arts College, the head adviser, Louie Bottaro has the advisers in the various departments place holds on student registration.  Student registration in a four-year university is intense.  Seniors are given priority registration, then Juniors, then Sophomores, and then Freshmen.  Honors College students are given priority one class above them.  That means if you are a Freshman Honors College student you get priority registration with the Sophomores.  What Bottaro does is hold registration so the students in the Liberal Arts College cannot register for the classes they need.  Other students in other colleges get those classes and those poor suckers in Liberal Arts are left in the cold, trying each term to take courses that are already full.  Ingenious but a very dishonest way to make a buck at the student’s expense.

Louie Bottaro Bully at Oregon State Bullyversity
Louie Bottaro Bully at Oregon State Bullyversity

Let me refer to this particular student as Jennifer.  She is real and she is attending Bullyversity, much to her parents’ dismay and frustration.  She’s a 4.0 gpa student in the Honors College and she has enough credits to be classified as a Senior.  That’s an achievement.  No matter what anyone says to you about homeschooling, we produce the smartest kids and they love to learn.  They’re hard-working, diligent, and respectful of others.  So Jennifers’ parents were appalled when she was repeatedly blocked from registering for classes.  After two terms of getting none of the courses she needed for her degree, she was forced to change degrees.  YES, SHE WAS FORCED TO CHANGE DEGREES.  Her only other alternative would have been to stay an extra two years of college which her parents couldn’t afford and financial aid would not cover.  Even then she would be faced with the same corrupt Liberal Arts College that places holds on students’ registration so they can’t get into the courses that are required for graduation.

But let’s backtrack a little to when Jennifer first applied to Bullyversity, aka Oregon State University.  She applied during early deadlines in January.  By March when other students had been notified of acceptance, she had not heard anything.  So she and her parents began calling the university.  By May they finally reached someone in the Honors College who was willing to go digging and find her application.  It was buried in a file folder on the desk of an anti-homeschooler who worked in the registration office, along with the applications of five other homeschoolers.  Let me repeat that, AN EMPLOYEE IN THE OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY’S REGISTRAR’S OFFICE TOOK SIX HOMESCHOOLING APPLICATIONS AND HID THEM IN A FOLDER ON HER DESK SO THEY WOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR SCHOLARSHIPS, FINANCIAL AID, OR ADMITTANCE TO THE UNIVERSITY.   Think you’re living in a military state?  It sounds like it, doesn’t it?  I know I was shocked.

So this wonderful person made sure that Jennifer’s application was finally processed.  Of course she didn’t get any scholarships because they’d all been handed out.  That by itself is a crime; it’s discrimination.

Once into the University, Jennifer faced hurdle after hurdle from the advisor she was assigned, Felix Oliveros, a little stout man who kept making offhand insults about Jennifer being homeschooled.  When she first encountered problems with registration, Oliveros said that because she was a homeschooled student she would have to get overrides every single term for the rest of her career at Oregon State University.  So Jennifer’s parents complained.  They were told to meet with Louie Bottaro, a personal friend of Oliveros and an even worse bully.

oregon-state-bullyversity-felix-oliveros - Copy
Felix Oliveros Bully at Oregon State Bullyversity

Bottaro’s office is strategically designed to put anyone entering at a disadvantage.  He has an entire bookcase of books on mass murderers jutted up against the student side of his desk.  Because he has a massive four part sofa taking up the rest of the room, the student has nowhere else to sit except by this massive bookcase of books on mass murderers.  Bottaro does not close the door and he is loud so his voice carries out into the hallway of Gilkey Hall.  Anyone on the second floor will hear everything he has to say about you.  When Jennifer and her parents met with Bottaro he had just had an advising appointment with an upset male student.  They heard every part of that conversation for more than twenty minutes.  After the student left, Bottaro went into his outer office and joked about the “messed up kid” to his office staff.  There was no sense of propriety or confidentiality.  None at all.

In addition to being forced to sit next to a bookcase of books on mass murderers, Jennifer and her parents were bullied and insulted during their entire meeting with Bottaro.  He thrust his arms at them and told them to “calm down” six times in less than 10 minutes.  They were calm before that, but certainly not after.  Who would be?  Have some large bald guy yell at you and thrust his hands into your face and I guarantee you you will have a very bad day.  Bottaro continued to bully Jennifer and her parents and did nothing to help with registration claiming that this was how they dealt with registration.  He informed Jennifer that she would have to register after everyone else, after her advisor, Oliveros, got around to putting in overrides and sending her an email so she could then go in two days later, after everyone else had registered, and attempt to sign up for courses that are already full.  This is how Bulliversity (Oregon State University) forces students to stay on six years for a simple Bachelor’s degree.

You won’t find this in the brochures or on OSU’s website, but it’s happening to thousands of students at the university.  They can’t complete their degrees and are in their sixth years.  University officials claim it’s because of budget cuts and too few classes, but the real story is that it’s forced.  The graduating students would have no problems getting into their classes if the Liberal Arts College, and other colleges following the same practice, would stop the hold practice.  Bottaro brags that the Liberal Arts College has sixteen different kinds of holds they can place on a student’s registration.  Louie, that’s nothing to brag about.

The continuation of this story is found here, where a University employee tells Jennifer and her family she’s well aware there is an anti-homeschooling movement operating within Oregon State Bullyversity.

Bullies like Louie Bottaro and Felix Oliveros are protected by teachers unions.  It’s not just in Oregon; it’s everywhere.  Here are some of the other places where they can’t get rid of bad teachers, including pedophiles.

California Law Protects Pedophile Teachers from Prosecution

“In 2014, California will open a litigation “window” allowing victims of sex abuse to file lawsuits against the employers of those who abused them, on the theory that those employers are in some instances partly culpable for the abuse, which is indeed the case. The “window” is needed because, in many sex-abuse cases, the statute of limitations for civil actions runs out before victims come forward. Perversely, the law exposes only the employers; the abusers themselves remain immune to litigation.”

california-law-protects-pedophile-teachers - Copy

Teacher Sexual Misconduct on the Rise in Oregon Schools

Of the over 40+ filed complaints of sexual misconduct each year, the state of Oregon does nothing to more than 30 of those sexual predators.  That’s not a great statistic.

sexual-misconduct-worse-in-oregon-schools - Copy

Oregon Pedophile Teachers Offered Confidentiality and Transferred to Other Schools

This is disheartening.  In Oregon pedophile teachers are offered confidentiality agreements to resign because the teachers union blocks termination of the pedophile teacher.  So the pedophile transfers to another school in Oregon.  They even have a name for it.

Oregon Schools Offer Confidentiality to Pedophile Teachers
Oregon Schools Offer Confidentiality to Pedophile Teachers

Teacher Convicted of Raping Student for Three Years Protected by Teachers Union

This Michigan teacher confessed to repeatedly raping a male adolescent student for three years.  The teachers union has been supporting him and paying for his defense and benefits.

School Teacher Convicted of Raping Male Student for Three Years Protected by Teachers Union
School Teacher Convicted of Raping Male Student for Three Years Protected by Teachers Union

Not only did this teacher rape a male adolescent student for three years, he’s getting severance pay from the teachers union while awaiting sentencing.

union-seeks-severance-for-pedophile-teacher - Copy
Teacher Rapes Student and Teachers Union Pays Him Severance Pay


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