Amazon is the New eBay |

Amazon is the New eBay

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It’s official, the following message was sent to several homeschooling sellers this afternoon directly from Amazon:

To protect our customers’ trust, Amazon requires
all 3rd party sellers to follow a return policy that is at least as generous as
Amazon’s own return policy. In addition, because contracts for our third-party
sellers vary (Individual vs Professional for example), some sellers are
permitted to sell Used items, while other sellers are not.

This means sellers are forced to take returns and give refunds even if the person has used their item.

It also means some sellers are allowed to sell used items like clothes, underwear, bras, handbags, and electronics.  I’ve seen all of these for sale on Amazon over the past month.

In one word: ew.

In my personal opinion, this leaves the door wide open for fraud of all kinds.  Unlike eBay, Amazon does not have a fraud department and all of their Customer Service is now in India.  Many homeschoolers used to sell on eBay, my little ones included, and stopped because of rampant fraud.  Up until now the only thing Amazon had going for them was that they treated their sellers well and didn’t allow used items to be sold.  Not anymore.

There is nothing worse than your child selling something and feeling the joy of making an income with their crafts or sewn items only to be told the person who “bought” it is keeping it and getting a complete refund.  This isn’t how we should be teaching our children.


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