College Prep Homeschooling by David and Chandra Byers

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College-Prep Homeschooling is an okay book on homeschooling.  It’s written by a man with a doctorate degree in education so much of what he prescribes in this book is based on some of the same theories as public education.  Personally, I found the parts written by his wife depressing.  After homeschooling for several years, so long that Byers felt he was qualified to write a book on the subject, Mrs. Byers (Chandra) still didn’t feel like much of a teacher.  🙁  That’s kinda sad.  And I think that colored my view of their marriage, their relationship, and exactly what they taught their children.  I like to think of marriage as a partnership and this is especially true when homeschooling because it requires a lot of dedication.  But after reading their book, I got the impression that their homeschooling involved Byers outlining extensive syllabi and learning objectives for each course and then having his wife stumble through trying to teach them as he outlined.

The poor quality of the authors’ relationship was not the only thing I disliked about this book.  Because Byers has a doctorate in education, he thinks the best way to assess your homeschooled children is through learning objectives, syllabi (the plural of syllabus), detailed course descriptions, and a lot of work.  That’s not necessary and is contraindicated for most children.  In fact, for some children with tactile learning preferences or learning disabilities this could be disastrous.

Byers explains Bloom’s Taxonomy (which is why I did an earlier post on this way to describe and evaluate levels of learning), but I personally don’t think this is necessary for most families.  If you want your kids to be schooled exactly like the public schooled kids or want to complicate your homeschool with tons of unnecessary paperwork, then this might be your book.  Otherwise, pass.

Overall grade:  F


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