Home Learning Year by Year by Rebecca Rupp

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Home Learning Year by Year is very outdated.  It’s a combination of mini scope and sequence interspersed with recommendations for books to read.  Although the author does this for grades K through 12, more than half the book is dedicated to grades K-6 and only a few pages are dedicated to grades 9 through 12 which are the hardest to homeschool.

In addition, the mini scope and sequences seem to be random in some cases, especially with history which varies state by state.  You don’t have to teach history according to what your state is doing.  Do it according to what your kids want to learn.

There are no illustrations and the book is very dry to read.

Overall grade:  F

There are better scope and sequence books and more than half of the books recommended are old, outdated, and have been out of print for more than five years.  Some subjects are completely omitted (like engineering related topics).



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