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Homeschool 101 by Rowan Riley

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Over the past several months, Rowan Riley from Bite Me Books has been interviewing the moms who contribute to Homeschool101 and has completed her book.  We love it.  She included everything we suggested and the book is pretty comprehensive about how to get started in homeschooling.  She also thanks us in the acknowledgments section.  😉

Available only at Three Cats Publishing.  Great job, Rowan.  Here’s the synopsis from her book:


You can homeschool your kids even when you’re single and even with very little money. All it takes is love and persistence. With those two ingredients, you can do it. I know, because I did against all the odds. Here is the book I wish I’d had when I started homeschooling, a guide to homeschooling with everything in one place.

Chapter 1. Why Homeschooling?
An introduction to the many reasons your children would benefit from homeschooling and how they compare to their public-schooled counterparts.
Chapter 2: Learning Styles
The three basic learning styles and how to accommodate their style of learning. Also why public schools don’t teach all learning styles effectively.
Chapter 3: Family
Here are three examples of homeschooling families and how they homeschool including a naval mom, a single mom, and a farm mom.
Chapter 4: Real World Skills
The five negative traits of public schooled kids and five positive traits of homeschooled kids in the workplace.
Chapter 5: Legal Requirements
How other homeschooling families meet legal requirements and where to find the ones for your state. Choosing to report or not report.
Chapter 6: Routine and Record-Keeping
The basics of keeping track of everything and how easy it can be with just a few tools.
Chapter 7: Putting It All Together
A step-by-step how-to for starting to homeschool your kids tomorrow.
Chapter 8: Homeschooling FAQs
The real FAQs behind misinformation, disinformation, and stereotypes about homeschooling.




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