The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell

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The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling is a lot of little things about various topics.  At most there is a page on each topic and there are Biblical passages throughout.  The author, Debra Bell, is a former public school teacher who is also a fundamentalist Christian.  Like most of the other homeschooling guides, it doesn’t go into depth on anything and has a lot of fluff and expired information.  About one-eighth of the book is recommendations for other books and materials, many of which are Christian faith-based.

Now for the positives.  The section on preparing homeschoolers for college was well-done, if not complete and not completely accurate.  PSATs are available in some areas, but not all.  PSATs are administered at public high schools.  If you’re a former public school teacher, like Ms. Bell, they may let your kids attend and take the PSAT there.  They certainly didn’t let mine.

One little tidbit I was not aware of, she mentions that Patrick Henry College, a college that many homeschoolers attend, is a source of many future p0liticians.  Considering how long Patrick Henry College has been around, that’s not comforting.  I’m very religious but also tolerant of other religions.  I lean more liberal than conservative.  Most of the homeschoolers who go to Patrick Henry College are extremely conservative.  Imagining them ruling politics for the next four decades is not comforting at all.

Overall grade:  D

Unfortunately, the small section on preparing for college doesn’t make this book worth purchasing.  She also claims she has forms and free materials at her website, but she only has products and information for sale.  It’s sad when all the homeschoolers’ blogs are nothing but marketing materials.  🙁


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