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Homeschooling Resources

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Many parents new to homeschooling think all they need for teaching their children are textbooks and workbooks.  That would be public school.  In homeschooling, there is no limit to the resources you can incorporate into your curriculum because the state isn’t your employer.  Below is a list of resources you can use to supplement your homeschooling curriculum.

  1. Public school classes (some districts allow your child to take up to two classes per term, perfect for group classes like choir)
  2. Tutoring centers like Sylvan and Kumon
  3. Sports from local groups like Little League and AYSO
  4. Recreational sports offered through Park Service
  5. Classes at community centers like the YMCA or Jewish Community Center
  6. Groups/clubs with educational programs like 4-H Club or Junior Civil Engineers
  7. Tutors and mentors from older siblings and relatives to neighbors and other trusted adults
  8. Online academies or universities
  9. Educational software like Rosetta Stone or All the Right Type
  10. Educational videos and DVDs
  11. Documentaries from the History Channel
  12. Public libraries and university libraries
  13. Online university resources
  14. University bookstores (textbooks, supplies, lab equipment)
  15. Trade societies (especially those with apprenticeship programs)
  16. YouTube videos (how-to videos on math, science, history)
  17. Magazines (homeschooling, science, research)

Feel free to comment and add your own to the list.


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