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Starting today, I will be locating the state guidelines for each state and listing them in links in the left sidebar under STATE GUIDELINES.  This is much easier than making screenshots of state guidelines, reading them, and summarizing them on this site for every single state.  It’s becoming very time-consuming.

If you click on a link and it doesn’t work then please disable your pop-up blocker and try again.  If it still does not work, then please leave a comment here and I’ll fix it.

One last note.  There are several websites named “”.  Please don’t consider this information accurate or timely.  I’ve heard many horror stories in which homeschoolers followed the guidelines put forth on these websites and were given wrong information which impacted their ability to homeschool.  Unless the site is the Department of Education for your state and a government website, it’s not accurate.

So far the only states I have been unable to find homeschooling information for are ALABAMA and MASSACHUSETTS.  Alabama does not support homeschooling as an educational option so they force parents to find umbrella schools to operate under.  This information is nowhere on the Alabama Department of Education website.  I’m still working on finding it and I’ll email state officials.  Massachusetts seems to have rules governing homeschooling but since 2003 when it went into reform all documents have disappeared from their website.  If you can send a link to either of these, I’d appreciate it as would others trying to homeschool in these states.

One of the reasons that it is sometimes difficult to find documentation on homeschooling is from eclectic usage of non-standard terminology for homeschooling.  The correct usage is homeschooling.  Not home-school or home-schooling or home schooling which creates all kinds of erroneous information in search engines.  Homeschooling, that’s it.  Please make sure you refer to homeschooling as such so it becomes more uniform and easier for homeschoolers to debate in public and have their voices heard.  🙂

Thank you.  🙂


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