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How to Organize Your Homeschooling Room

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Homeschooling Room 1

This one has beautiful colors and an adorable layout, but it’s geared toward little ones.  I love that there’s plenty of room in the cubes for more books because, believe me, there will be more!  I also love the house-shaped bookshelf.  If you start homeschooling young then your homeschooling room will gradually change from a playroom to a homeschooling room.  Your kids will connect fun with learning because learning is supposed to be fun.

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Homeschooling Room 2

This one is set up in a kids’ room with an entire wall devoted to homeschool learning.  There are two computers, a desktop and a laptop, but an amazing lack of books.  Let’s hope there are more in the living room of the house.  Limiting your children to online learning is just that, limiting.  Books are more in depth and provide a deeper understanding of subjects.  My last complaint–the chairs look really uncomfortable.  If your kids aren’t comfortable, they aren’t going to want to sit for long and that makes learning not so fun.

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Homeschooling Room 3

This homeschooling room is set up for three kids, or at least three kids, with three laptops ready and raring to go, many cubes for books, and a nice big table for crafting, artwork, science, and whatever else comes along.  Once again though, what’s up with the really uncomfortable chairs and why aren’t there any windows?

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Homeschooling Room 4

This is one of my favorite homeschooling rooms.  There’s a Twister mat on the floor for fun and tons of natural light which is really healthy for developing minds.  You don’t want them to feel like they’re learning in a dark dimly lit dungeon.  The chairs have chair pads and are sturdy and comfortable.  The bookshelves are above and out of the way, leaving the kids plenty of space to work.  I also have a fondness for globes, so I love that there’s one right there on the counter next to the clock.  Now take a look to the left.  See the window seat?  I love window seats for kids.  They’re awesome.

homeschooling-room-4 - Copy

Homeschooling Room 5

This is another one of my favorites, thanks to the many cubes for storing books and the window seat!!  This one is makeshift from materials available, not a fancy store-bought or already installed window seat.  You really can make your own window seat.   Put tall bookshelves on either side of the window and place a bench between them.  The green walls are also bright and cheery as is the natural light.

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Homeschooling Room 6

This is another favorite, maybe because I have artists in my family.  There’s an artboard (aka bulletin board) for placing completed artwork or art pieces in the process of drying, a chalkboard for inspiration and planning, and an easel with rolling paper for the artist at work.  The giraffe made of papier mache is priceless.  Lots of natural light and big windows.  The only thing I didn’t like about this room was the chairs.  Sturdy, yes.  Comfortable, no.

homeschooling-room-6 - Copy

Homeschooling Room 7

This room is beautiful.  I’ll tell you why.  There are plenty of nooks for kids’ mementos or cherished works of art and yet still enough room for books.  There are three ergonomic chairs and room for laptops, books, and everything else a homeschooled kid needs.  And look at the windows, big and beautiful with plenty of natural light and shades.  Yep, shades.  On the left wall you can see slots for bigger board games.  Board games are a wonderful way to learn strategy and reasoning skills (like Clue).

homeschooling-room-7 - Copy

Homeschooling Room 8

This room makes good use of space and seems to have every subject covered.  The problem is that there are no bookshelves.  I’m hoping they are out of the picture somewhere lining the walls.  The clutter on top of the cubby is also jarring.  When kids make something special, it should have its own special spot, a showcase, until another special something is made to take its place.  Shoving them all onto the top of a cubby is not so special.  But I love the green paint on the cubby.  The hanging light bulbs, not so much.  It looks like a safety hazard.

homeschooling-room-8 - Copy

Homeschooling Room 9

This one has a little bit of everything–a table, a piano, bookshelves, a computer desk, an aquarium, and plants.  The perfect learning environment.  It’s a little dark and, yes, I realize the window shade is closed, but still there should be more windows and natural light.

homeschooling-room-9 - Copy

The Winner Is

Okay, I’m not really giving out awards, but if I was, this is the room that would win.  Homeschooling Room 7 which has everything a learning kid could need.

homeschooling-room-7 - Copy

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