Teachers Who Bully and the Damage They Do

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I came across this article tonight and it made me sick.  Many parents feel they have no choice but to send their kids to public school.  They think they can’t afford to homeschool.  In some states, you can have a relative homeschool your children, especially if you are single parent.  Even so, there are plenty of single parents homeschooling their kids.

Please read the comments below the article as well as the cases in the article.  I was shocked by the parent who commented on her son’s teacher who regularly flips desks to teach kids that they need to keep their desks clean.  :0  There are no words for this type of abuse.  She should be arrested and charged with battery.

The image below is of the full article and most of the comments.  If the link does not work, click on the image and then again, it will blow up to full size so you can read it.

Whenever there’s a school shooting, everyone says, “No wonder.  They should’ve seen it coming.  They created the bully.”  Well, teachers have very well-protected jobs in our society.  It’s almost impossible for a teacher to get fired.  First you have to find a principal who takes you seriously.  Then you have to find a school board who takes the principal seriously and isn’t so worried about funding that they ignore it.  Finally, it goes through the union bargaining agreement and levels of lawyers.  If you have to public school your kids, at least move to a state where teacher bullies are suspended and fired for abusive behavior to kids.

Another article on teachers who bully.

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