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Some parents wait until high school to begin giving projects as homework options.  That’s not necessary.  My kids learned to make PowerPoint presentations in grade school.  They learned to type in second grade.  If you give your children learning opportunities they will take them and excel at whatever you put in front of them.  They’re like sponges that way, soaking up knowledge.

Here are some different types of projects you can assign:

  • videotape
  • scrapbook or collection
  • music or song
  • diorama
  • children’s book
  • timeline or map
  • creative story
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • spreadsheet (with analysis)
  • art project (model, sculpture, illustration, cartoon, painting, drawing)
  • simulated diary or letter (history is great for this)
  • autobiography
  • biography
  • poem
  • photo display
  • experiment
  • book report
  • research paper
  • oral report
  • critique or editorial
  • newspaper story
  • interview (simulated interview with a historical figure)

Feel free to add your own in the comments section.  😉


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