Christmas Gifts Start Crafting Early

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One of the most enjoyable things about homeschooling is teaching your kids the power of gifting.  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of doing something nice for someone else.  We call them “random acts of kindness”.  At Christmas it can … Continued

Julie Green Teaching Plagiarism and Bullying at OSU Bullyversity

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The state of Oregon is perplexing.  With one of the highest paid teachers’ unions in the U.S., they manage to have the worst teachers and the lowest scores on national tests.  College in Oregon is no different.  Other than sports’ … Continued

FirstData GoDaddy Shopping Cart Scam

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First let me say that GoDaddy is generally a good company.  If they make a mistake, they usually fix it pretty quickly and it’s the only domain and hosting company in the United States that mans their customer service lines … Continued

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