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Multiple Intelligences

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Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner believes that we all have varying degrees of multiple intelligences, not just the linguistic and mathematical styles that schools use in their curricula.

Gardner’s Eight Multiple Intelligences

1. Visual/Spatial Intelligence

  • Thinks and learns from images such as movies and phonographs
  • Engages in art projects
  • Uses maps and graphs with ease
  • Enjoys puzzles and mazes
  • Spends a lot of time daydreaming

2. Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence

  • Is sensitive to words and their meanings
  • Enjoys writing
  • Is a natural storyteller
  • Spells well

3. Musical Intelligence

  • Understands and creates music
  • Possesses a perfect pitch for musical tones
  • Listens to music while studying
  • Enjoys listening to music

4. Kinesthetic Intelligence

  • Uses body for expression or to attain goals
  • Fidgets a lot when seated
  • Enjoys participating in sports
  • Touches others when conversing

5. Logical/Mathematical Intelligence

  • Understands complex logical systems
  • Can quickly compute problems mentally
  • Enjoys computers
  • Shows keen reasoning abilities

6. Interpersonal Intelligence

  • Understands other people
  • Socializes effortlessly
  • Prefers group activities
  • Acts as mediator to settle others’ disputes

7. Intrapersonal Intelligence

  • Understands the inner workings of own emotions
  • Is strong-willed and independent
  • Prefers solitary activities
  • Is self-motivated

8. Naturalist Intelligence

  • Understands patterns in a natural environment
  • Collects natural objects and data such as shells, leaves, and birds’ nests
  • Uses magnifiers, microscopes, telescopes, and binoculars
  • Enjoys activities related to nature such as hiking, gardening, caring for animals, and participating in wildlife protection projects

Gardner stresses that you should use this as a tool to view how your child best learns rather than as just another way to “label” your child.


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