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Field Trip Ideas

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When I ask my children their most fond homeschooling moments they always bring up a particular field trip.  Over the course of our many years homeschooling, we have gone on an average of one field trip every other week.  Some weeks we went on two and others we missed because of illness or other in-home activities.  The average public schooled classroom goes on one to two field trips per year.  There’s a big difference between a field trip every two weeks and two per year.

Here are some wonderful ideas for field trips.  Feel free to comment and suggest your own ideas:

  • zoos or petting zoos
  • aquariums
  • museums
  • libraries
  • agricultural extension services
  • garden nurseries
  • churches
  • police stations
  • fire stations
  • sports arenas
  • community centers
  • senior centers
  • airports
  • art galleries
  • TV station
  • radio station
  • mayor’s office
  • electric power plant
  • water department
  • pioneer villages, log cabins, or antique shops
  • publishing companies or printing presses
  • bottling or food packaging plants
  • bakeries
  • farms, ranches, and orchards
  • shipyards
  • fishing piers and ports
  • concert halls
  • local businesses
  • historic homes or sites
  • beaches, streams, and tide pools
  • canoe or boat rentals
  • boat, ship, or submarine tours
  • wildlife refuges
  • national parks
  • nearby towns and communities

Originally published December 5, 2013.

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